09 December 2008

The Paradox of Employment

In light of my persistent unemployment and my friend T's polarly opposite dilemma, I am here posting. Again. By special request of T, who recently posted on my Facebook profile that she's bored and begs me to update. Thank you, T, for checking my blog. That makes ... two people this week. And yet, the site traffic monitor says nobody reads me. Take that, traffic monitor!

It's amazing to me that T has time to be, as she says, bored. No offense to T, because she's wonderful and brilliant and beautiful, but I just don't get how it's possible. I'm currently unemployed, and yet the things that seem to fill up my day stagger me. There's laundry. There are dishes. There's food to make. There's the never-ending trail of dog hair that needs vacuuming. Not to mention there's gift-wrapping, packing for the weekend trip to celebrate a friend's birthday out of town, and the soon-to-follow Christmas pilgrimage back to the house of my youth and all the glory therein. There are trips to the bank, and of course I still have to find a gift for my grandmother.

Grandmothers, actually. But that's beside the point.

The point is, there's just so much to do! The above list doesn't even include job hunting, but then again, with the economy the way it is, that usually takes less than five minutes out of the day. But there's still the trip to the bank, another to find eggs so I can make something that resembles food today. Because sustenance is good.

All these things fill up my day, and I barely have time to change my socks, let alone do all these things. And yet, T, who must face the same list of laundry, dishes, food (doubly so since she's working on a baking business), Christmas presents, and probably three times as many bills as I have at the present time.

The point is, so many people I know complain of boredom when their lives should be filled with, if nothing else, their jobs and all the things that people keep their jobs for. And yet here I sit, writing this blog article, and I can hardly keep my mind off of all the things that I'm putting off in order to write the above paragraphs.

Amazing how that happens, isn't it?