03 April 2013

On Years of (Relative) Silence

Hello everyone, I'm back! It might seem that I've been quiet since my last post a whopping three-and-a-half years ago. Truthfully I've been freelancing and finally landed a fulltime job doing--what else?--writing and reporting. The thing they don't warn you about when it comes to reporting is that it's really, really bad to put in your own opinions (okay, maybe they do warn you.) But having, as the subtitle of this blog suggests, innumerable and very relevant opinions on practically everything, this has been a struggle for me. So I thought I'd start writing a blog again. Here's what I do NOT intend to do: -write about my job. At all. -write about stories I cover at my job. At all. Here's what I do intend to do: -write about the things I see--plays, movies, operas, etc. -write about the things I read--news, magazines, books, etc. -try to reassure my three loyal readers that I won't disappear for so long again, at least, not without warning. So welcome, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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